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What's The Deal With Shipping Costs Anyhoo?

Let's talk about shipping costs for a moment, shall we? I've seen MANY rants lately about the high costs of shipping. Read on and hopefully I can shed some light on the subject. Here's the thing with shipping - and I should know because my art fabrication company has been shipping canvas and frames and stuff for over 8 years: No matter WHAT YOU GET - shipping needs to be paid. There is NO "Free Shipping." When you see that the cost is rolled into the cost of the product(s) you're buying. In some states there is tax on shipping, as it is technically a "service." That's a State Board of Taxation thing, and there's nothing the business can do about it. Thankfully, here in Vegas, Essential Oil Gear doesn't have to pay that to get supplies to you. FedEx/UPS/USPS/DHL all have to be paid. The person at my company who pulls your order, puts it into a box and snuggles everything up and prints the label needs to be paid. Those shipping supplies need to be paid for. Gas prices for airplanes and trucks and cars need to be paid for. Some companies charge a TON for shipping, and make money off of it. Personally, I would rather charge as close to the exact shipping cost as I can. That's how I've been doing business for 8 years now, and how I will continue to do business. We choose to ship FedEx. They have the least damage rate, and we have EXCELLENT pricing with them. We even ship to Canada - and....wait for it....we pay your brokerage fees. I mean really - it's not like you're in a different country or something. You just live upstairs! Yeesh! So - next time you (that's a collective "you" btw) get all crazy about shipping charges, think about what goes into getting your stuff to you. Then choose a vendor that doesn't charge you a ton extra for that. I'm hoping that will be us!

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