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Gel Cap Filling Station - Makes Life Easier!

I don't know about you, but trying to make flu bombs & allergy caps for my family one by one is a timestaking, potentially messy business. 1. Loosen the caps on ALL the oils I want to use 2. Get a gel cap in my hand 3. Put the top to the gel cap on the counter 4. Drop the oils (using a dropper REALLY helps) into the gel cap 5. Try to find the clear, tiny top to the gel cap that I JUST put on the counter 6. Repeat with the 4 to 6 other capsules I'm filling that morning. Let's stop the madness, shall we? Gel Cap Filling Station After using this baby, you'll NEVER go back to making your Flu Bombs the same way again! Made out of Leeds-Certified Green MDF, this filling station makes your life so much easier. There's room for four 15ml bottles (like in the Flu Bomb) and 12 capsule bottoms. There's even a tray to put the tops of the gel caps when you're filling them! You won't find these anywhere else, because we designed and made them. It's amazing what diffusing some  Bergamot & Black Pepper will do for the creative team!

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