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What's In A Name?

IPC_Logo_lg_colors There’s a huge buzz about the new “Wellness Advocate” term launched at Leadership. Here’s the skinny -
  1. Yes - the term “Independent Product Consultant” is being changed/morphed into “Wellness Advocate” or “Independent Wellness Advocate.” THEY ARE NOT SURE YET WHAT THE EXACT TERM IS GOING TO BE. 
  2. There will be a new logo released in the next six months or so. Until then, we are STILL IPCs. All printed materials will still read IPC. Banners, business cards and such - will still read IPC. Even after the new logo is released banners and such with the old IPC logo will still be accepted for events and such.
  3. Please do NOT make your own Wellness Advocate logo. This is dōTERRA’s intellectual property. When they release a new logo, we will ALL use that one. Until then, please sit tight with the IPC logo. 
  4. How do I know this? I have a great relationship with the dōTERRA Compliance Department, and this comes straight from them.
  5. has a plethora of logos, PowerPoint presentations, business forms and such - all available for download at a single click. Or double click, depending on your system.
  6. Logos can be found directly here:
If you have questions, please email me at, or directly to the Compliance Department at

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