Welcome to Essential Oil Gear

Hello and welcome to Essential Oil Gear.

My name is Roxanne Benton, and I’ve been a dōTERRAvangelist for quite some time. (that’s my phrase – feel free to copyright me any time you use it. *snerk*) My husband and I also own a successful art fabrication company, P2C Imaging Group. We’ve been printing canvas and other amazing artwork for photographers for over 7 years.

We have 12 year old boy/girl twins, and I love seeing them adopt the oils into their lifestyle as well. My son uses Lemon in his water all the time, and when my daughter gets banged up playing outside, she runs for the lavender.

I’m a Wellness Advocate too. At the 2013 Elevate convention, I was talking with some of my friends who have been P2C customers for  YEARS. They suggested I marry my graphic & printing skills with my love for all things dōTERRA and make quality, stunning and AFFORDABLE graphics for Wellness Advocates to use in their classes all over the country.

So now that dōTERRA Compliance and I have become best friends, I can now offer you all the goodness that is Essential Oil Gear.

We're located in Las Vegas, and ship all over the world. We'd love to join you at a class, or bring or products to an event. Please contact me with ideas! Additionally, as we ARE a print shop too, if there’s a banner or handout or graphic you need done, let’s brainstorm! We’re all in this together.


All the best,
Roxanne Benton