5 ml Blue Glass Bottles with Stainless Steel Metal Rollerballs & Black Lids - SET OF 6

5 ml Blue Glass Bottles with Stainless Steel Metal Rollerballs & Black Lids - SET OF 6

Tiny sample containers in blue glass are a great way to share and apply essential oils, blends, and massage oils directly to the skin.  Simply roll them on as needed!  We always recommend that you use diluted oil blends with at least 1/2 carrier oils. The blue color helps protect oils from damaging ultraviolet light.  Our bottles come with durable stainless steel metal roller balls and smooth black caps.


  • These come in a set of 6

  • Perfect for sharing your favorite eo blends with your friends and family.

  • Each bottle hold 5 ml of liquid which is 1/6 oz.

  • The bottles are 2 3/4" tall and have a diameter of 3/4".

  • They fit perfectly into our essential oil bags!

  • Bulk pricing options are available - If you would like larger quantities, please contact us!


  1. Transfer your favorite eo blend or essential oil into the bottle.  You can use pipette or glass droppers to accomplish this easily!  Make sure to dilute your essential oils for the best results.

  2. After the eo is in the bottle, place the rollerball insert in the opening.  Press down firmly until the roll on insert snaps into place.  Try not to press down directly on the rollerball.  We recommend using the Big Cheese tool to help you ensure your bottles does not leak!

  3. Please try to keep your bottles in the upright position.  During normal use the bottles should not leak.  But the oil is meant to come out of the rollerball.  We cannot be responsible for any damage due to any leaks from the bottles.

  4. Make sure you keep the lids securely tightened.  This will help the rollerball to stay in place and help prevent any leakage!  We sell labels that you can use to identify which oil is in each container.