A Mix of Emotions Make & Take

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This special make & take class was put together by Michelle Rocker of The Oil Experiment. Her daughters, 11 & 14, created the label artwork - and one of the blends too!

In the kit you will receive:
• 10 recipe sheets for 10 blends
• Instruction Letter
• 10 labels of each blend for 10 ml roller bottles

  • Open Door – This blend encourages you to open lines of communication and can help you go with the flow while embracing the zest of life.
  • Sweet Tense (Nikki’s Blend) – The sweet aroma of this blend can ease those moments of tension.
  • Release – A perky blend to help the process of letting go of an issue or problem.
  • Clear Skies – An eye-opening blend of oils that can help bust through the fog.
  • Wise Up – An inspirational blend to help while studying or to use right before an event to inspire confidence.
  • Go Get ‘Em – A vibrant blend to help start your day or pick you up in the middle of a stressful day.
  • Hug Me – A blend to use when you are dealing with loss, feeling overwhelmed or grieving.
  • Rational Mind – In the midst of a meltdown, this consoling blend can comfort you with its warm sparkle.
  • Bomb Diffuser – A soothing and uplifting blend that can calm down ruffled feathers.
  • Bold Freedom – An intriguing blend to help bust you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to face your fears.
  • Joy Joy Joy – This vibrant blend is for those days that you need to bump up the energy and flow through your day with joy.
  • Fire Starter (for women) – An inspiring blend to help encourage your libido and confidence.