Aquamarine Frankincense from Essential Oil University


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We are honored to have the opportunity to offer this amazing oil from
Dr. Robert Pappas and Essential Oil University!

We have both 5 ml and 15 ml sizes of this amazing Aquamarine Frankincense from Essential Oil University. Choose your size from the drop down menu. Both sizes have a cap with a euro-dropper and come snuggled up in bubble wrap.
There is a very limited supply of this unique oil, hence the price.

IF it ever becomes available again, the price could easily be upwards of $300 for 15ml.
There are no refunds on this product.

When your package ships you will receive an email with your tracking information. We do ship all over the world; if your country is not listed please send us an email with your shipping information and we'll do our best to get you some!

NOTE: The 30 ml size comes in a clear glass bottle with a phenolic cap
and pipette - no orifice reducer.