Black and White Damask EO Travel Bag

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Black and White Damask EO Travel Bag

We strive to offer reasonably priced essential oil bags to carry all of your favorite oils.  These oil bags hold 10 oil bottles, and is a great way to stay organized.  You can now easily carry oils you might need during the day in your purse, car, at work, etc.  The bag features a handy zipper the full length of the bag. 


  • Essential Oil Bag Damask Carrying Bag For Oils.  

  • Features a zipper for easy closure.

  • Holds 10 oil bottles - more if you get creative!

  • More can be put in between compartments before you zip it up.

  • Great quality and easy to carry everywhere!

  • Our inexpensive oil bags are great carrying case for travel or to organize your oils.

  • Measures about 2.5" W X 7" L X 3.5" T.