The Oil Experiment - Assessment Checklist

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"As I learned more and more about essential oils, I became overwhelmed by all the benefits and how they could support our bodies. Having a child with special needs that needed extra support, I seriously wondered if I should buy every oil and put them on her. I needed a starting point.
That is how The Oil Experiment System came about.
I went through my list and research, then checked off every way that I wanted to support her body and which essential oils could help me with that process. I found that certain oils repeated over and over again. I took the top five oils that repeated the most and used them on her. If I felt like we needed more to support her emotions and behaviors, then I added the next two on the list until I felt like we were where we needed to be. I re-assessed each month following the same process.
As I began to share with friends and family, and they experienced the process, I knew that this was working."
~~Michelle Rocker~~